The Most Comfortable Jordans for Ballers

Air Jordans / Friday, January 12th, 2018

We’ve got a list of the most comfortable Jordans for ballers.

Every basketball player knows how important basketball shoes are. They are created not only to have superior traction on the court, but to support the foot and provide maximum comfort.

Jordan brand was specifically created for performance even though more than half the people who buy them will never wear them for any kind of sport.

Sneakerheads know how important Nike Air Jordans are to the sneaker world.

The best thing about Jordans is that they feel as good on your foot as they look.

For hoop players, comfort and performance are the two most critical components of a sneaker.

What better choice of sneaker than the one that “his Airness”, Michael Jordan wore?!

Grailz List of Most Comfortable Jordans

Air Jordan XX8

The Air Jordan XX8 became the shoe that brought Nike back to it’s creative roots and reinstated the drive behind the Air Jordan series.

Performance and comfort are underlying factors that influence the shoe’s design.

The Jordan XX8 incorporates a breathable mesh material for ventilation.

Inside the XX8 there is cushioning and breathable synthetic linings that add to the comfort factor.

Nike got rid of the shroud and replaced it with a clean lacing system which gives the shoe incredible support.

The Air Jordan XX8s are much bouncier because of the Zoom Air bag technology used in their design.

Past designs had a foam material that went over and around the airbags but in this design, the airbags are left bare to make direct contact with the foot. This makes stepping out with these feel like you are walking on air.

The insoles contour against the arches and curves of your feet, giving you that extra bounce without much physical effort.

They actually fit right out of the box. You don’t have to break them in first to get them to fit your feet perfectly. The traction isn’t as great as it should be but it gets better with time.

Air Jordan III

These are the first sneakers to be designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield. The Air Jordan IIIs were also the first Jordans to feature the Jumpman logo.

They offer great traction for the court and durability.

Their double eyelet lacing system was the first of its kind, putting these shoes in a league of their own.

When they first came out, the Zoom Air technology was still being perfected so in that respect, they are not as comfortable as the Air Jordans that were launched afterward.

Air Jordan XII


The Air Jordan XII featured a more comfortable design.

They have the full-length Zoom Air bag incorporated in each shoe. The improvement on cushioning made them more comfortable than their predecessors.

The Air Jordan XIIs were appealing to basketball players because they were lighter and provided quick lateral responsiveness. They had better traction thanks in part to the herringbone sole pattern. They also provide better support around the ankles.

However, the breathability of the materials proved problematic and a lot of people weren’t fond of their appearance.

Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 is the shoe that started it all. It would forever be the benchmark for whatever Nike was going to design and create for the Air Jordan brand. They were ahead of their time in terms of comfort, traction and support and would become the benchmark for all other sneakers to come out bearing the Jordan name.

While, they are not perfect, at least by today’s standards. The Air Jordan I did not have the best cushioning and breathability of materials used on the uppers was non-existent. However, they were a comfortable fit and had some padding to serve as cushioning.

Air Jordan 32

Nike has recently unveiled the 32nd iteration of Michael Jordan’s signature line, the Air Jordan XXX2. These kicks have a retro design that will remind you of the Air Jordan I but is heavily influenced by the Jordan II.

These are the first sneakers in Jordan series to feature Flyknit uppers together with leather. They have a stylish and modern appearance. This is important in today’s world because athletes want a shoe that can perform while looking good.

Nike is famous for its use of groundbreaking technology in its products and they did not pull any punches when they created the Air Jordan 32. They have managed to incorporate a Flyknit upper made from high-tensile strength yarn, which combines support and zonal control.

They have incorporated Flight Speed technology that provides extra lift when worn in a basketball court.

The designer, Tate Kuerbis wanted to create a shoe with laces that disappear into the knit structure. He incorporated a harness system with webbing that helps secure the foot. These could very well be the most comfortable and performance-enhancing sneakers that Jordan brand has launched in over 3 decades.


When Sneakerheads choose to buy certain sneakers, the degree of subjectivity makes it difficult to rank one pair over the other.

Having a preference means that you favor how your feet feel in a particular shoe more than another during certain activities. of course, if you own vintage Air Jordan 1s, you probably don’t have them to pound the pavement with.

You love how they look and you admire the history of the shoe itself. Chances are you have some great story surrounding how you acquired them.

Pop culture has driven our love for Air Jordans since the 80s. One thing that is for sure is that Nike is always tweaking their shoes, developing groundbreaking technologies that have kept and will continue to keep Air Jordans relevant as far as performance and style are concerned.

With their groundbreaking technology, now ballers can look good and perform superiorly in one of the most Jordans.

Which Jordan do you this is the most comfortable?

Let us know below!

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