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Sneakerhead Culture / Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Best Sneakerhead Websites for Sneaker Enthusiast

best sneakerhead websites

What is the definition of a Sneakerhead?

The Oxford dictionary defines a sneakerhead as a sports shoe enthusiast and Wikipedia simply states a Sneakerhead as a person who collects, trades and admires sneakers.

These two definitions simply relegate Sneakerheads as hobbyists but a Sneakerhead is more than just a fan or a collector of cool sports shoes.

Here is the Grailz list of best sneakerhead websites:

 Best Sneakerhead Websites


Sneakerhead Culture

Sneakerheads have created a whole subculture, they are at the forefront of a cultural movement that has an immense influence on fashion, trends and sometimes in politics.

Sneakerheads have an addiction, an obsession that they can’t easily shake off. If they are not lining up outside shoe stores for exclusive sneaker releases, they are trawling the internet for news and upcoming shoe release.

They have a Star Wars-like fanatism and the kind of devotion that takes up most of their time and money sometimes on shoes they would never get to wear.

In this article, we will provide you the necessary means to tap into the culture by introducing you to some of the best sneakerhead websites.

The rise of the sneakerhead culture can be traced back to the 80’s, way back before the internet was the borderless superhighway of information and commerce.

It stands to reason that the pervasiveness of the subculture would be closely linked to the internet and social media as we know it.

In the past sneaker enthusiasts communicated via email and chatrooms served as billboards announcing new releases and facilitated trades.

Sneaker community found ways of self-expression, information and commercial platforms evolved and different websites and blogs emerged helping to change and shape the industry as we know it.

Let’s look at a couple of the best sneakerhead sites and what they are all about:



Highsnobiety, covers more than just shoes but the entire culture that has grown out of people’s love for sneakers.

They have grown from being a small operation to being a big and important portal with a print version and two headquarters in New York and Berlin.

If there is anything to know about any brand, you will probably read about it from Highsnobiety.



SOURCE: Twitter

Hypebeast cover everything that has to do with streetwear and sneakers are a big part of that. Hypebeast has done a lot to expand and push boundaries of sneaker culture.

They have their fingers on the pulse of the sneaker industry. Hypebeast has become the online bible for sneaker culture and Sneakerheads are devoted to this site.




There is always a new sneaker that’s being launched almost every month by various brands.

True Sneakerheads do not buy their kicks from conventional shoe store like most people.

When new kicks get launched, people literally stand in line outside their sneaker store to be the first to own a pair and not miss out on those limited editions that brands often design.

Knowing when a particular model will drop or where it will drop is almost impossible unless you have some insider information.

Drop date makes it their business to find out and let the rest of the sneakerhead community in on the when and the how even before the rest of the fashion world gets wind of it.




Kicks On Fire is another site that gives exclusive information on upcoming shoes.

This old-school leader showcases their shoes in a gallery of spectacular photographs.

If you want to know what is great or not so great about any particular sneaker on the market you can be sure of finding an in-depth review of the site. It’s the go-to-guide for most Sneakerheads.



SOURCE: NiceKicks

This site was the earliest site to transition from a blog into a real website with sneaker reviews, exclusives and solid content on sneakers and everything else concerning the industry.



SOURCE: Twitter

Sneakerheads know that kicks, especially the exclusive limited edition kind that every self-respecting Sneakerhead cost a lot of money.

There is no layaway deal that you can get with most higher-end sneakers but you don’t have to go broke or rob a bank just to get your hands on a pair you really want. There are always deals that you can find if you know where to look.

Kicks deals keep tabs on great deals on sneakers to inform the broader sneakerhead community.




If there is a breaking story in the sneaker world Modern Notoriety is sure to cover it with striking photographs and imagery to wet any sneakerhead’s appetite.

Sometimes there is no need for long sentences and paragraphs to be written about shoes.

Sometimes a picture does speak volumes and they know when to pump something up with words and when to just let the sneaker speak for itself.




This is one of the oldest sites for sneakerheads.

It was there even before industry favorites like Highsnobiety and Hypebeast came to be.

It was there before all these sneakerhead websites started mushrooming all over the internet and it started out as a print publication.

They have not gone out of the print magazine business yet as they still put out two publications a year to cover the everything that has happened in the industry in ensuing months and everything else in between.

This is a must-have publication for any Sneakerhead who will proudly quote from it, display it to fellow sneaker enthusiasts just to show how cool and tuned up they are. I

t’s like one of those coffee table publications you never put your coffee mug on or lend out to friends – a collector’s item.

The website, on the other hand, has comprehensive, up-to-date information.

You know that all the people who work on it live and breathe sneakers.



SOURCE: SneakerNews

This site filters the hype that often surrounds the industry and brings you balanced and clever content.

This does not in any way mean it is boring or dry, it has its own unique personality and a different take on style.

They have been around the industry for quite a while and are regarded as credible sources of information.

They bring you the information you can trust.



SOURCE: Twitter

Sneakers addict panders to the addict in ever sneakerhead but it takes it a bit further.

Okay, it’s a French website and we normally associate the French with high fashion and good taste.

Sneaker addict finds the good taste to match new kick coming into the market.

You can go to the site for styling advice. They pair their fashion advice with striking images of how to rock any kind of sneaker from athletic shoe to sneaker boots.



SOURCE: SoleCollector

Any list of the best or important websites for sneakerheads would be incomplete without the inclusion of Sole Collector.

They were there at the beginning and have stuck around all this while. Looking for quality content that is actually useful then Sole Collector is the site for you.

There is fresh content on the site every day in keeping with the dynamic nature of the sneaker world and the culture surrounding it.

Visit www.Sole

So there you have it. Our list of the best sneakerhead websites. Let us know what you think. Also, drop what websites we should add to the list!

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