Best Selling Adidas Shoes of all Time

Adidas / Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Wondering what are the best selling Adidas shoes of all time? Adidas is filled with key collaborations from celebrities and with its new sneaker technology, it is no wonder many eyes are fixed solely on Adidas.

10 of the Best Selling Adidas Shoes of all time

With vital partners such as Palace Skateboards, Alexander Wang, and Kanye West, it is no doubt that Adidas will continue to be a leading brand in the sneaker game with strong, unique and better shoes.

Adidas has not only dominated the sneaker world with its designs, but the shoes are also very comfortable, the best of both worlds.

          Qualities to look for in a good Adidas sneaker

Buying an amazing Adidas sneaker can make an enormous difference in whichever sport you participate in. Nobody wants to have joint pain, sprains or even blisters after putting on sneakers. Therefore, some of the features to look for when buying Adidas sneakers include; a perfect fit, arch support, terrain-appropriate design, high-quality construction, ankle support, style and affordable pricing. Below are the best selling Adidas shoes of all time that have some or all these features.

  1. Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar is one of the most iconic and popular Adidas trainers of all time. It was first introduced in 1969 and originally developed for basketball, but it has now become popular as a casual shoe worldwide.  Probably made most famous by the famous rap group RUN DMC in early 1980’s, it is known for its classic look with Adidas stripes and trefoil, low tops and unique shell toe.

  1. Adidas Forest Hills

Adidas Forest Hills was first introduced in 1979. It is a great tennis sneaker that has gold stripes and lemon-yellow soles. It has distinctive three stripes with a mesh lining and a perforated toe cap that provides comfort. Its footbed features a NASA designed technology to provide an ultimate performance and comfort.

  1. Adidas Samba

Adidas Samba was originally introduced in 1950 mainly to combat the chilly weather and the hard-ground soccer training. It is one of the most popular Adidas brands that is designed for soccer training. Its distinctive tan gumshoe sole is made to last and made to grip. Although Adidas Samba is available in many colors, the most popular one is the black with trademark white Adidas stripes.

  1. Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith was first introduced in 1965. This Adidas sneaker is known for its unique look. It initially had iconic stripes that were replaced with a series of punched holes but in the same shape as the stripes. Its unique look is due to the contrast green heel padding it has with the white leather.

  1. Adidas Italia

This is yet another 1960 classic Adidas sneakers. This is the go-to Adidas sneakers for vintage lovers. It was first produced in fine brown leather with a gold foiled name and a classy look. It has been released in a wide range of colors including an updated nylon upper and leather.

  1. Adidas SL72

Adidas SL72 was first introduced in 1972, and it is one of the best-loved vintage Adidas styles. It is a hardwearing shoe with a breathtaking classic Adidas branding. The soles of the Adidas SL72 has an excellent traction and are track inspired.

  1. Adidas Gazelle

Adidas Gazelle was first introduced in 1968, and it has indeed remained a popular Adidas classic over the years and one of the best selling Adidas shoes of all time. They are straight terrace classics, and although the silhouette has undergone several changes over the years, its tone has not changed hence why Adidas Gazelle is among the bestselling Adidas shoes. It is a sturdy and durable shoe known for its navy-blue suede upper that contrasts with the three white Adidas stripes.

  1. Adidas Stockholm

Adidas Stockholm is remembered for its comfort, striking colors and style. It is also a vintage Adidas shoe that was named after Stockholm, the Swedish city hence its color scheme of blue and yellow with a Swedish flag. It is a casual shoe and not a sports shoe because it is made with a suede and leather upper.

  1. Adidas Trimm Trab

Adidas Trimm Trab was first released in 1975, and it is known for its popular classic look. It is an iconic Adidas shoe mainly for its design as well as the designs it inspired such as the PU-soled Trimm Trab. It has a unique sole that is flexible, durable and shock absorbing. Adidas Trimm Trab was made in a variety of colorways and all these have the iconic three Adidas stripes on its side. Additionally, its polyurethane midsole and speed lacing systems are made of vulcanized soles with a strong silhouette.

  1. Adidas LA

Adidas LA was first introduced in 1984 and first produced in honor of the LA Olympics. It is one of the very few Adidas shoes that features an adjustable peg cushioning, which provides for the ultimate comfort.  This shoe was made for comfort and breathability, with a mixed mesh and a padded heel collar and a suede upper. It is a classic shoe that has the iconic three Adidas stripes on the sides plus the pegs on the midsole.

In conclusion, nothing compares to sporting style and quality of your Adidas shoes. Whether you prefer the Adidas LA or Stockholm, these sneakers have made their mark in sales and sneaker culture.  Where would Adidas be without these iconic silhouettes?  Perhaps not where they are now, ascending to the very top of the sneaker industry.

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